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IDEA. Many years of experience and highly qualified specialists will help you create a non-standard technological equipment project for the food, chemical and petrochemical industry needs, and the innovative approach and assistance with the customer’s production and technical services will help implement any ideas for non-standard equipment.


DESIGN. In these basic and detailed design stages, we create a project and design documentation from the idea that meets the requirements of specific production tasks.

In order to develop the project, «České loděnice» will ensure the following:


IMPLEMENTATION. Our company has an entire complex for milling, bending equipment for pipes and sheets, welding machines, mechanical and hydraulic presses, equipment for plasma cutting and other equipment, which gives us the possibility of implementing non-standard technological equipment production projects of any complexity.

We produce high quality stainless steel refractory and refractory equipment for petrochemical and gas sector companies as well as for other industries.


ACCOMPANIMENT. Specialists of the company «České loděnice» with many years of experience in the field of maintenance will accompany the equipment in all stages of installation and operation of the equipment we offer:


List of «České Loděnice» services:


The company «České Loděnice» produces:


We will carry out the following work:


Technical characteristics of production: