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Ship building

We construct ships on the basis of project documentation supplied by the customer. We are capable of independently elaborating production documentation in our Construction Department. The technology of construction is specific for each type of vessel, depending primarily on the shape and dimensions of the vessel, and on the technological possibilities of the plants where the vessel is being constructed.

The technological possibilities of the České loděnice, a. s. plant:


For its manufacturing and repair work, the docks use three slipways. These include two inclined lifts with a load capacity of 500 tonnes for vessels with a length of 85 metres, allowing the ensuing placement of the vessel on blocks. At the same time, these slipways can be both used for lifting vessels of a length of 110 m, without being placed on blocks. The third slipway has a load capacity of 600 – 900 tonnes for ships of lengths of 95 metres and with the ensuing placement of the vessel on blocks. All building docks, as well as the barrage, are equipped with cranes.

Currently manufactured vessels:

Name of Boat





Gas tanker

 90 x 11,5 x 5,15  28.03.2018

Suction excavator        

  86 x 9,45 x 4     16.01.2019  
⛴ FLEXFUELER 001      

LNG pumping station

76,4 x 11,45 x 3,5       



Push tugboat

45 x 17 x 8,2        23.02.2019 
 ⛴ PROVIDER       Stainless steel chemical tanker  110 x 12,5  x 5,25  31.10.2019