České loděnice a.s.
České loděnice, a. s.
Vítězství 56
40711 Děčín XXXI - Křešice

Fax: 412 517 572

Gatehouse – operator:
Tel.: + 420 773 781 893

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České loděnice, Inc. is traditional producer of all types of cargo vessels, technical vessels and floating equipment, existing continuously on shipbuilding market from 19th century. In it´s shipyards situated on upper stream of Elbe river, České loděnice, Inc. is capable to cover wide scope of requests for newbuildings and complex repairs. Quality and technical standard suit current highest requirements. Today, company consists of shipyards: Děčín-Křešice.

Shipyard panorama

Shipyard Děčín Shipyard Děčín Building in Děčín Building in  Děčín
Shipyard Valtířov Shipyard Olšinky