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We carry out repair works on vessels from 90 m to 110 m and weight 600 – 900 tons.

Our main repairing activities:

  • Repairing hulls
  • Repairing engine systems
  • Repairing propulsion and deck machineries
  • Renovating of propeller shafts including G.R. of propellers
  • Inside equipment repairs

Furthermore, we carry out reconstructions and following repairs:

  • Increasing hull's length, eventual modifying of dimensions according to client's wish
  • Reconstructing of single sides tankers to double sides tankers
  • Replacement of bottom, cargo hold floor, side shell, bulkheads
  • Replacement of complete part of hull damaged by crash

Ship repairs Ship repairs Ship repairs Ship repairs
Ship repairs Ship repairs Ship repairs Ship repairs

For production and repair of vessels, following professions are available:

Machine fitter:

general repairs of propeller shafts and rudder devices, anchor devices, general repairs of gearboxes, installing propulsion and auxiliary units, building in bow thruster devices.

Yard fitter - plate worker:

oxy – acetylene cutting of plates, sheet cutting by shearing machine, bending of plates, assembling parts into section, assembling sections into complexes, repairing of bottom, side and deck shell by inserting new plates or overlapping, including repairing of stiffeners, general repairs of propellers from black and stainless steel, constructing propeller nozzles, constructing steel tanks, doors etc., constructing rudder blades, repairing traverse covers of cargo holds.


workshop is equipped by:

  • turning machine for repairing and constructing of propeller shafts with lengths up to 6 m,
  • vertical boring mill for repairing propeller cones, eccentrics etc
  • horizontal drilling machine, milling cutter and smaller turning machines for small repairs and constructing small parts (bushes, plugs, etc.)


welding parts, plates, sections, renovations of propeller shafts, rudder stocks and nozzles by welding on


production and installation of wooden wearing strips, repiring of wooden stones and floors in cabins including insulations, constructing floors of safety boats

Pipe worker:

assembling piping systems (water, oil etc.).

Cutting machine attendant:

cutting of plates according to cutting plans - programs